B. T. Karuma is an avid reader and writer. But what he is most passionate about is sharing ideas and, hopefully, inspiring, entertaining, or educating his readers. His interests include writing fiction and self-help books, graphic design, healthy living, and online marketing. You can get some of his books and read his articles at writedesigniq.com.

Denise is a freelance writer and a blogging enthusiast. She loves to explore and discover new things. Very inquisitive and happy to learn new things. 

Tapuwa 'Taps' enjoys travelling, gadgets, motoring and golf. 

Gwen is a tech enthusiast as well as an avid blogger. Her key blogging interests are kids, parenting and baking.

Richard is an avid tech enthusiast, and has been involved in various tech projects over the years. He is an occasional blogger and enjoys golf and tennis in his past time.