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Food Bloggers Wanted!


If you are a Foodie and Passionate about Cooking/Baking, we are looking for  Food Bloggers.
Basic Requirements:

  1. You must be passionate about cooking/baking (its something you already do and enjoy)
  2. You must be willing to share your passion via this blog and our social media platforms Facebook & Instagram
  3. You must have a good camera (camera/phone) that can take quality pictures or videos of the process of your cooking or baking
  4. You must be a good communicator (written)
  5. You must come up with engaging content/recipes/cuisines etc

Interested inbox us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., please include:

  1. Short one line intro of yourself name, where you stay, how to get hold of you
  2. What type of food you are  passionate about (traditional, exotic, healthy (banting/keto), baking, pastry etc)
  3. Share as many pictures of what you have made before
  4. Write a short word article with instructions for making your favorite recipe including pictures
  5. PS: No need to send CVs we are not looking for academic certificates and qualifications

Just incase you are not aware of what Food Blogging is all about, below are some examples of notable food blogs:




In return we pay per blog post the more engagement your post gets the more we will retain you for more posts!!

We will also promote your profile/skills to our huge 250,000 plus audience on Facebook & Instagram

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