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TOP 10 Fragrances for MEN! That are available locally.


Nothing beats the compliment 'you smell good' 'you smell really nice' or even the occasional 'you smell like money' 

Man or woman nothing beats a great fragrance. The right scent can go a long way in boosting your image and desirability. Nothing beats the compliment 'you smell good' 'you smell really nice' or even the occasional 'you smell like money' it always leaves you feeling great and confident. 

There are hundreds of men's fragrances around but here are my 10 personal best and favorites over the years. Except for the No.1, the rest of the list is in no particular order. I have tried to list fragrances easily accessible in Zimbabwe plus went a bit further to add estimate prices in US$. 

So ladies, if you want to pick a perfect gift for your male friend or hubby take note. Gentlemen if you want to impress the ladies this list is a great starting point.

Just a disclaimer though, this is my top 10 based on my experiences and feedback received over the years, please feel free to add any I have left out at the end of the list.

Here goes!

No.10 ~ Blue Label 

Not to be confused with Johnny Walker's Blue Label whisky, Givenchy's Blue Label Cologne has been around for some time. This is a timeless cologne that has been around since 2004 (well that's when i started using it) but you can't go wrong with this one. Good for a mature discerning man and good for the office!

Price Estimate:  US$100 - US$120 (100ML)

No.9 ~ Invictus by Paco Rabanne

Launched around 2013. Its name is Latin for 'Invincible' and true to its name it has made me feel invincible on quite a lot of occasions with several compliments from the ladies.

Price Estimate:  US$140 - US$160 (150ML)

No.8 ~ 1 Million by Paco Rabanne

Making another entry on the list is a fragrance by designers Paco Rebanne ,1 Million. They say every man wants to look like a million dollars and this fragrance will complete that look. The fragrance is slightly on the popular side so you won't stand out and be original but the ladies surely love it.

Price Estimate: US$110 - US$130 (100ML)

No.7 ~ Bvgari Aqva Amara

The Bvlgari brand initially started out as a fine jewellery shop and has evolved into a luxury goods brand including cologne.
Bvgari Aqva has a bit of a masculine scent, one your wife wont dare steal or borrow a few sprays from!

Price Estimate: US$80 - US$100 (50ML)

No.6 ~ The Game by Davidoff

The Game will make you the ideal trusted guy to be handed that prestigious white collar business deal (trust me on this one).
The Game is also quite versatile. This is what i keep it my bath bag as my travel mate. With this fragrance you'll fit in everywhere and anywhere and give the right impression. 

Price Estimate: US$80 - US$100 (100ML)

No.5 ~ Bleu De Chanel

Fashion house of Chanel hardly needs an introduction. Their product Bleu is a good 1st date scent, the ladies will love it and at the same time it does not take over the floor.

Price Estimate: US$200 - US$220 (150ML)

No.4 ~ Armani Mania

Armani Mania by Giorgio Armani is has an extremely elegant office, board meeting, business flight scent. Ladies seem to love using it too so be prepared to 'unknowingly' share it with the wife or girlfriend. It might just run out before you know it lol!

Price Estimate: US$130 - US$150 (100ML)

No.3 ~ Black Xs

Yet another Paco Rebanne product on the list is Black Xs. Very relaxing and addictive scent, that will keep you wanting to sniff at it all day.

Price Estimate: US$110 - US$130 (100ML)

No.2 ~ Terre D'hermes

If rich was a scent this would be it. This weirdly named cologne by Hermes has a sophisticated and long lasting scent.

Price Estimate: US$220 - US$250 (200ML)

No.1 ~ Sauvage by Christian Dior

This one is my current favorite. It usually 'greets' anyone I interact with, not in an overwhelming way but an elegant way. If you looking for compliments go for this one! You won't go wrong, though it has a very distinct fragrance such that if someone else in the office is using it then people will easily notice that you're using the same brand.

I have to mention though that merely sniffing it in a shop would make you drop it for a 'finer' scent, but if you decide to buy it, the 3 or so compliments you get a week will make you know your decision was right.

Price Estimate: US$180 - US$200 (200ML)

Do you agree with the list? Drop your comments below and share your experiences with these or other brands!

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